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To create a logistic company is not difficult. Difficult is to bring it to international success in the world scale.
Andrey Deryabin
In February 2017, Andrey Deryabin united a team of professionals, that he had gathered, in the "AllContainerLines LLC" and brought to market the world's first aggregator of container lines, running the online service
In September 2016, Andrey founded the SKOLKOVO Logist Club, uniting the best Russian business school alumni at the industry platform
In may 2016, Andrey Deryabin has received the annual award "Business breakthrough of the year" and won a grant from "Zimin Foundation" of the founder and honorary President of "VimpelCom" (brand "Beeline") Dmitry Zimin to study in the best Russian business school SKOLKOVO at the program "Startup Academy" for the project of the aggregator of container lines
In the beginning of 2016 Andrey invented the world's first aggregator of container lines and started to implement this project, keeping its diary on his Facebook page
In 2009, Andrey Deryabin created the brand "TELEPORT" and founded the company. By 2015, the TELEPORT logistic company has delivered more than one million tons of cargo worldwide by all means of transport, and revenue reached billion of rubles. Since 2016 the TELEPORT has been controlled by its management, and Andrey is completely focused on the "AllContainerLines"
Since 2004 and until founding his own business, Andrey Deryabin successfully built a career in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg transport and customs agencies, forming his own ideas about international trade in general and about the expectations of its members in particular
In 2006, Andrey Deryabin graduated with honors from the faculty of International Transport ManagementAdmiral Makarov State Maritime Academy